Citrus Pre-Wash Concentrate

Wax and coating safe pre-wash 500ml bottle.

Looking for a great value, safe and highly rated pre-wash? Citrus is the go-to for countless professional detailers and quality mobile valeters throughout SA.

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What is it? Citrus pre-wash is a highly concentrated product that is designed to be diluted and then sprayed on your vehicle before washing. The concept is simple, remove up to 95% of visible dirt and grime before touching the paintwork to wash the car.

What’s it made from? Citrus is made from biodegradable and non-caustic detergents, which combined with natural orange oil and some other trick ingredients, make it one of the most powerful and safe pre-wash cleaners on the market.

What are the features? The key features are its performance, dilution and safety. Unlike TFR or caustic pre-wash products, citrus is capable of cleaning just as effectively, without being corrosive to your vehicle and in particular window trims and sensitive areas. With a dilution ratio up to 25:1 its also excellent value for money, meaning a 500ml bottle can make many litres of ready-to-use product. For maximum value, it’s worth considering our 5L or 20L sizes which really get the cost per litre right down. even at these dilutions, you can expect exceptional cleaning power, in particular mud, salt and biological contamination commonly found in the winter months are removed with ease and even algae, moss and mould which makes this ideal for convertible roof cleaning and even caravans, motorhomes or boats.

How does it fit into the wash process? Citrus may sound like a simple cleaner, but in fact it works in quite a complex way. Using an emulsification cleaning method, the citrus molecules attach themselves to dirt very rapidly while also readily bonding with water when rinsing. This means that when you rinse away the product you are also safely able to rinse away the dirt it has attached itself to. This modern approach to an old school problem makes cleaning both easy and less harmful to the environment through runoff.



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