Waterspot Remover

Professional Strength Waterspot Remover

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What is it? Waterspot remover is a mildly acidic spray with light detergents to safely break down mineral deposits that can develop from water drying on your paintwork.

What’s it made from? Utilising a blend of lubricating surfactants and mild acids that are both safe for the vehicle and any protection on the paintwork, we have created a product that is as powerful as it is useful.

What are the features? Waterspots are not just about the obvious, often the surrounding areas of vehicle badges and hard to reach areas will build up mineral deposits that can be left behind from washing. The aim of this product is to allow you to effectively break these down, both safely and quickly.

How does it fit into the wash process? This would fall into the category of decontamination, typically the vehicle would be completely clean before using waterspot remover. The ideal application method is to spray the product liberally into the area required, then agitate with an ultra soft brush to foam it up. this will allow you to dwell the product on the surface for longer before wiping away the residue or jet washing.

Ceramic coating safe 



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