Wipeout Snow Foam

High Performance PH Neutral Snowfoam.

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What is it? Wipeout is a PH neutral snowfoam that has been designed to safely pre wash all vehicles and surfaces, without risking damage to trim or weakening wax or other forms of protection.

What’s it made from? Wipeout is manufactured from gentle detergents that are designed to emulsify with road film and dirt to uplift contamination without the use of aggressive chemicals.

What are the features? being safe on all surfaces, including non-painted metals like chrome and anodised aluminum and window trims make wipeout a great option for those who are concerned about using more aggressive cleaners. In addition, it is safe on all matte or satin painted surfaces, including vinyl wrap and paint protection films.

How does it fit into the wash process? Wipeout is classed as a pre-wash product, so you would use this to remove as much visible dirt from your car before filling your wash bucket and going in for a contact wash. The idea behind this of course is to eliminate the chance of scratching your paintwork, and Wipeout really does a great job in this department by removing as much visible dirt from your paintwork as possible.



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